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ذكر عدد الرسائل : 1
العمر : 23
عنوان فصلك : 9/4
اسمك الحقيقي : bigboss
المادة المفضلة : English
توقيع المدرسه :
تاريخ التسجيل : 07/03/2009

مُساهمةموضوع: معاني الكلمات   الأربعاء مارس 18, 2009 8:27 pm

Sulaiman Sultan Prep A Boys School
My own mini – dictionary
For Grade 9
Prepared by : Fahmy K Abu Assy

Definition / synonym or antonym Meaning Word
Unit nine
a long wooden or metal seat for two or more people. مقعد طويل bench
a line of wooden or metal posts joined by wood or wire to divide land or to keep in animals. سور/ سياج fence
عشب grass
one of the thin flat parts of a plant or a tree. ورقة شجر leaf
damaged / in pieces. مكسور broken
having a bad smell. زو رائحة كريهة smelly
a written statement giving information or news that is put where everybody can read it إشعار / إعلان notice
some but not all. One of the pieces of something. جزء part
necessary / important / basic ضروري / هام/ أساسي essential
دورة الكربون في الطبيعة carbon cycle
شريك partner
to take air in  breathe out يستنشق breathe in
to blow air out  breathe in يزفر breathe out
 give out يأخذ take in
 take in يخرج give out
to make a substance separate into parts يحلل break down
فضلات Waste product
a situation in which different or opposite things are equal of importance توازن balance
 create يدمر destroy
A forest in a tropical part of the world. غابة إستوائية rainforest
to change from solid to liquid by means of heat.
 freeze يذوب melt
no longer existing / (n) extinction منقرض extinct
the natural home of a plant or an animal. موطن / بيئة طبيعية habitat
unit 10
cooked in boiling water. مسلوق boiled
cooked in hot oil. مقلي fried
cooked under a grill. مشوي grilled
not cooked. نيىء raw
a type of food that you make by cooking meat and vegetables in liquid for along time. مطبوخ ببطء في مرق stew
 right واجب duty
a small number . عدد قليل من a few
nearer.  farther أقرب closer
Having a coloured mark that is difficult to remove. مبقع stained
A substance or an instrument for cleaning something. منظف cleaner
 quietly بصخب noisily
a substance that can be used for making or doing something مادة material
To burst with a loud noise ينفجر explode
to save somebody or something from danger. يحمي protect
not truthful  honest غير أمين dishonest
having the job or duty of doing or looking after something مسئول عن responsible
To give or pay money for something ينفق/ يقضي spend
To make a decision or an agreement with somebody. يتفق على agree on
unit 11
to make a noise by hitting something يطرق knock
to go for and bring back somebody or something . يذهب و يحضر fetch
يتوقع expect
the way that something is done, built, etc… طراز style
to say something to help somebody remember something. يذكر remind
A feeling of sadness that you have something or somebody in trouble. شيئ مؤسف pity
a friendly informal conversation. محادثة ( دردشة) Chat (n)
continue يستمر carry on
Certainly / for sure بالطبع of course
A child or a young person ( informal) طفل kid
unable to use a part of his body properly. عاجز disabled
to do something which you don’t have to do or you will not be paid for. يتطوع volunteer
more than is usual. إضافي extra
done or given willingly not because you have to do it. تطوعي voluntary
old people كبار السن elderly
catastrophe نكبة/ كارثة disaster
a sudden violent movement of the earth's surface زلزال earthquake
a group of people who do something together منظمة organization
a person or animal that is injured , killed or hurt by somebody or something . ضحية victim
In my point of view. من وجهة نظري/ برأيي in my opinion
unit 12
الرعاية الصحية health care
الخدمات الاجتماعية social services
the teaching or training people especially in schools to improve their knowledge. التعليم education
a small hospital or a part of a hospital. عيادة clinic
الأمم المتحدة UN
الأمم المتحدة the United Nations
the group of people who work for a particular organization. فريق/ طاقم staff
giving a lot of your energy, time and effort to something that you believe to be important. مخلص لعمله dedicated
a person whose job is to operate a camera for a film or a television. مصور cameraman
a meeting at which a journalist asks somebody questions in order to find out his opinion. مقابلة / لقاء interview
the act of building or making something. عملية البناء construction
to have something. يمتلك own
accepted and approved by the government or some other authority. رسمي official
a relationship between people who are friends. صداقة friendship
 duty واجب حق right
the state of not being in prison or under the control of somebody else. الحرية freedom
to do something that you have been ordered to do/ to do something. ينفذ carry out
a government department . وكالة agency
the teaching or training of people especially in schools. Educational ( adj. ) تعليمي أو تربوي تعليم / تربية Education ( n)
the study of and knowledge about the world. Scientific ( adj. ) علمي العلم science
the way how people live and act. cultural (adj.) ثقافة Culture ( n )
teach يعلم educate
complete كامل/ تام perfect
unit 13
make somebody happy and hopeful. يبهج/ يسعد cheer ….. up
make something unhappy. يحبط / يحزن get ….down
very unhappy .(n) depression. مكتئب depressed (adj)
make progress or develop. يقدم عملا بصورة جيدة do well
× do well يقدم عملا بصورة سيئة do badly
do something again and again. يبقى keep
in what way. كيف how come
happy /pleased مبتهج cheerful
The way that you feel at a particular time. مزاج mood
unhappy مزاجي سيء/ محبط I'm down
special care. انتباه attention
to pay no attention to somebody or something. يهمل ignore
cry out loudly. يصرخ scream
escape يهرب run away
sudden/exciting /impressive .(n) drama مثيرة dramatic (adj)
although بالرغم من even though
thinking only about your needs and wishes ..selfishness .(n) أناني Selfish (adj)
only thinking about bad qualities of something. سلبي negative
hopeful and encouraging. إيجابي positive
unit 14
be in contact. على اتصال in touch
kind thoughts and greetings. تمنيات regards
speaking on the phone. على الخط on the line
only . دقيقة واحدة فقط just a minute
in the next house or building. البيت المجاور next door
small containers with chemical inside explode causing colored lights . الألعاب النارية firework
to wait for something to happen with pleasure. يتطلع إلى / يشتاق إلى look forward to
a very long time . زمن طويل ages
finally أخيرا at last
at an equal distance between two places. في منتصف الطريق half-way
accustomed تعتاد get used to
to become bright . يضيء light up
want to do something. يشعر feel like
to feel sad because you are away from home . (n) homesickness مشتاق للوطن homesick (adj)
impolite × polite فظ / وقح rude
I am happy to /accept ×mind لا مانع/ لا يكترث don’t mind
be in contact.
على اتصال in touch
unit 15
not natural but made to seem like natural things. صناعي
artificial (adj)
How pretty ! كم هو جميل What beautiful !
to cut open a patient's body to deal with a diseased part. operation (n) يجري عملية operate (V)
to have the ability or the power to do something . × unable قادر able
suffer بألم in pain
to become well again after being ill . recovery(n) يتعافى/ يشفى recover (V)
for along time منذ وقت طويل for long
believe that something will happen or somebody will come. expectation (n) يتوقع expect ( V )
something that you didn’t expect. دهشة surprise (n.)
Progress/improvements. develop (v) تطور development (n.)
to contain. يشمل/ يتضمن include
being unable to use a part of your body. العجز/ عدم القدرة disability
not able to be done or happen. ×possible مستحيل impossible
having a healthy ,strong and fit body. لاعب رياضي athlete
use all parts of body . ×disabled الأصحاء able-bodied
join or link .(connection)(v,) يربط connect (v)
artificial body parts used by disabled people. ذو أعضاء آلية bionic
unit 16
a member of a council. عضو مجلس councilor
a person who works in a garden. بستاني gardener
to be owned by somebody. تنتمي إلى belong to

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طالب جديد

ذكر عدد الرسائل : 43
العمر : 23
عنوان فصلك : 9/4
اسمك الحقيقي : سمير
المادة المفضلة : حساب
توقيع المدرسه :
تاريخ التسجيل : 06/03/2009

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مشكور يا محمد البورنو على الكلمات
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عضو مشارك
عضو مشارك

ذكر عدد الرسائل : 137
العمر : 25
عنوان فصلك : 4-10
اسمك الحقيقي : مصطفي
المادة المفضلة : لا شيئ
توقيع المدرسه :
تاريخ التسجيل : 08/03/2009

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البرنس هاني
عضو مبدع
عضو مبدع

ذكر عدد الرسائل : 622
العمر : 24
عنوان فصلك : تاسع
اسمك الحقيقي : هاني الخضري
المادة المفضلة : دين
توقيع المدرسه :
تاريخ التسجيل : 11/03/2009

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معاني الكلمات
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